Life Itself wins multiple Best Documentary awards! Watch it on CNN Jan 4th!

Hello Ebert Fans, 

It’s been a landmark couple of weeks for Life Itself, and we have a lot of exciting news to share with you.

Our CNN TV Premiere

Mark your calendars! Our CNN/U.S. global television premiere will be on Sunday, January 4th at 9pm and 11pm Eastern.

Please join us for this very special occasion as millions of people watch the film together! We’ll be active on social media during the premiere, so please share your thoughts with us on Facebook and our Twitter @Ebertmovie!  

Nominations and Awards 

We are deeply honored that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences 
has selected Life Itself as one of fifteen documentaries shortlisted for a nomination for the 2015 Best Documentary Oscar. The five official nominations will be announced on January 15th; cross your fingers for us! You can see the full list of shortlisted documentaries here

  • Entertainment Weekly has declared Life Itself to be the #4 best movie of 2014! “In the end, Life Itself is really a love story about one man's love of words, his wife, and the movies,” EW’s Chris Nashawaty writesWe couldn’t put it better ourselves.

  • We are a Critics' Choice Movie Awards nominee! Life Itself was nominated for the Best Documentary of 2014 by the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Anne Thompson of IndieWIRE states that the "The Critic's Choice Movie Awards are among the most accurate predictors of Oscar nominations."

Many thanks to these amazing organizations for their awards, nominations, and recognitions; we give you two thumbs up!


Ava DuVernay Remembers Roger Ebert 

In this exclusive Indiewire clip from Life Itself, director Ava DuVernay reminisces about her relationship with Roger, and discusses his ability to look past racial and cultural boundaries to view films from their own unique perspectives. On that note, we want to take a moment to congratulate Ava for being the first African-American woman to be nominated for Best Director at the Golden Globes. It’s an honor long overdue, and we hope that Ava is just the first of many outstanding women filmmakers of color who will be recognized for their talents behind the camera.

For more personal stories from Ava about Roger and his influence on her career, please read our #EbertChat from last year!

Last but not least, Indiewire interviewed Chaz Ebert about Roger and Life Itself for their “Awards Spotlight” series. Our favorite quote: what moved Roger Ebert to tears when watching a film? "Goodness and kindness."

Click here or the photo of Steve James and Chaz Ebert to check out the full interview! 

It’s an exciting time for Life Itself, so to stay up to date on all things Ebert, be sure to check in with us on Facebook and Twitter, where we interact with followers and post news daily. Thank you all for your wonderful support, and if Life Itself was your favorite nonfiction feature of 2014, don't forget to cast your vote for us for the Cinema Eye Honors Audience Choice Prize. And remember, our CNN television premiere will be on Sunday, January 4th at 9pm and 11pm Eastern!